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Things were getting better now they may not be...   
08:28pm 26/10/2008
mood: worried
Well the surgery went well for my grandmother and she has been doing fine.

I started a job this past Tuesday which was a blessing I did not expect to happen the way events have been going.

Today she had a good morning and then this afternoon she became unresponsive.

To give a clearer picture..............she doesn't respond to people and she will not respond to request such as squeeze my hand.

So I really don't know what is going on with her. But I do hope it is just a short period of this.
Defining getting old and the effects of it to all around you   
05:49pm 19/10/2008
  My grandmother is going to go in for surgery tomorrow.

She has been having issues for the past year with eating, digesting, and getting sick. We have talked to her about going for years and she has just refused, mainly when you get that age you really do not want to do something that you do not want to do.

Well after finally getting her to realize that she might have a serious problem and that it is the best choice she went to get some tests.

The results were bad, but not as bad as we thought they could be.

She had a cancerous growth near her intestines. It was not spreading throughout her system but it was causing a blockage. So tomorrow she is going in for surgery to remove it.

You think about things that go on throughout your life. The people that come and go. But one constant is your family. Now at a time in all of our lives we will get old and things will not work as well as they always have.

You fall you don't bounce back as fast.

You forget things

Vision gets bad

as does hearing

But, they are always there. They will always be in our lives, they may not be able to do things as well as they did when they were younger, when you were younger, but they are there for you. They have watched you grow up and develop into the man, or woman, that you become.

My grandmother is the last of my grandparents that are around. Her husband died when I was still young. But I always remember her being here.

I moved not too long ago and do not get to see her as much as I used to. At a point in my life I really didn't talk to her or see her as much as I did whenever I was younger.

Times like this make you realize that certain people in your life will not be there forever. But whenever you realize that not only will they not be there, you will not be there one day. It is a scary thought for us all to see that time is ticking away. So it is a good idea to come to terms with it sooner or later.

Once you realize that it is going to happen. Enjoying life will be something that you will not take lightly.

My grandmother is going to have surgery tomorrow. The only thing she wants out of it is for whatever happens, happens. She is not worried if something goes wrong. All she knows is that she is going to be alright, regardless what happens.
A New Home, A New Start, A New Life   
05:34pm 25/08/2008
  Well today is when I am leaving Cumberland, Md. I have lived in this area for quite some time and I feel it is time for a change.

Orignally it was going to be a few years, then the beginning of next year, now I would say it is going to be in a few months.

You may ask why? Well my time up here was not supposed to be really this long but I did say the most I would stay here about 5 years. Well as of Sept. 11th it will be that. Now I can say that there are a few good things that have happened since I came back up here.

Met Cassie

Got a degree

Got Married

Met a very good friend in Darryl (who doesnt have Myspace but he knows it)

Got closer to my friend Geno (funny how very low points in some peoples lives can draw people close)

Built better relationships with my father and with my parents.

rekindled a decent relationship with someone from my past that I can actually say that I never thought we would become close friends (Yes Crystal that would be you)

But there is alot more bad I can say than good up here.

Alot of fake people, friends, family that really I dont have the time or do I care to deal with

There is no work up here, even though I have a great job

Tired of living in such a poor, lifeless, wellfair ridden, I dont wanna work I wanna live off the state area. There is more excuses for not working for a living than to actually try, its a wonder why there is so many dropouts here.

But I will miss...........

The times that I actually spend with Doug, whenever he just pops out of no where and calls at the oddest hours.

Hanging out with Brent and Diggs has always been fun and entertaining.

Spending time with Jim, Jeff, and/or Geno (not in any order for any reason) granted I dont get to see any of em very often but the few times were good. And getting to see "Heroes for Hire" live is fun and great. Will have to get copies of preformances on DVDs.

I will miss the time I have got to spend with my Father and Liz, they have big hearts and are wonderful people that some people should really get to more as people and not as an ATM.

My parents............We have had our bad times more than good but it has been better and they know it is for the best for us to go.


The few people that I meantion are alot of the reason that it was a decent 5 years, not the greatest but they did make it worth the time.

But it is time to go..... time to go back home. To spend time with my family again. To see my friends. And to start my family. So the time we are going to go is not 100% clear yet but it is going to be within the next few months. But it will happen.

Just thought I would share that with everyone and whoever reads this.
Posted using TxtLJ   
06:24pm 28/05/2007
  Started researching family history and trying to build family tree
What does it mean "Undisputed/Unified Champion?"   
02:23pm 18/05/2007
  Undisputed Champion

Championship unification or championship consolidation are terms which mean the act of combining two or more separate championships into a single title. In professional wrestling this may be done to consolidate the number of championships in a given promotion or to add legitimacy and prestige to a certain title's lineage.

Types of unification

Championship unification can be done in a variety of ways:

* Two participants, who both hold separate championships, face each other in a match in which the winner will gain both titles. One of the titles (typically the lower-ranking one) is then said to be "absorbed" into the larger one, though this is rarely explained on-air; essentially, the smaller title is retired. The winner of the match may appear at events or on television with both belts once or twice, but eventually the smaller title is abandoned.

Example: Several WCW titles were absorbed during The Invasion angle. The WCW Tag Team Championship, for example, was absorbed into the WWF Tag Team Championship following the end of the Invasion angle.

* Two participants, hold separate belts, face each other in a match in which the winner will gain both titles. The titles are then combined into a brand new championship, often referred to as an "undisputed" title. The championship may be represented by both original belts or a new belt may be introduced. If a new belt is introduced to represent both titles, when (or if) the reigning champion loses the championship belt, he actually loses all of the titles that the belt represented.

Example 1:Chris Jericho unifying the WCW Championship and the WWF Championship to create the WWF Undisputed Championship at WWF Vengeance in December 2001.

Example 2: Jerry "The King" Lawler unifying the AWA World Heavyweight Championship and the WCCW Heavyweight Championship to create the USWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship at SuperClash III in December 1988.

NOTE: In both of the above cases the titles were separated after several months.

Championship unification in the World Boxing Association

In the WBA when a boxer holds the WBA title and also holds a world title (in the same weight division) from another major sanctioning body (the WBC, IBF, or WBO), the WBA gives special recognition to the boxer. If the boxer holds the WBA title and one other title, he is recognized as the unified champion. If the boxer holds the WBA title and two other titles, he is recognized as the undisputed champion. If the boxer holds the WBA title and all three other titles, he is recognized as the super champion. (Middleweight Jermain Taylor was the most recent super champion.) There can be only one unified, undisputed, or super champion per weight division. The main reason for these classifications is that when a boxer gains more titles, the WBA allows more time between mandatory WBA title defenses.

When a boxer becomes unified, undisputed, or super champion, the WBA creates a second world title in the same weight division. Two other boxers then fight for the vacant 'regular' world title. This second title allows the WBA to charge world title sanctioning fees for what is, in effect, an interim title. Additionally, if a unified, undisputed, or super champion loses his non-WBA title(s) (without losing the WBA title), then the WBA will strip him of his WBA title.

Examples of championship unification in professional wrestling

Some examples of title unification:

* The first two prominent unifications of titles in the U.S. were done by Nikita Koloff. In 1986, he unified the NWA National Heavyweight Championship into his NWA U. S. title by defeating Wahoo McDaniel, and in 1987 he unified (Mid-South) UWF Television title into his NWA World Television Championship by defeating Terry Taylor. In both cases, the unification process was started by Nikita's home promotion, Jim Crockett Promotions upon the absorption of the promotions (Georgia Championship Wrestling and the Mid-Southern UWF, respectively), and in both cases the titles from the absorbed promotions were abandoned.
* The AJPW Triple Crown World Heavyweight Championship was created with the unification of the NWA International Heavyweight Championship, the PWF Heavyweight Championship and the NWA United National Championship, when the NWA International Heavyweight Champion Jumbo Tsuruta defeated the PWF Heavyweight and NWA United National Champion Stan Hansen on April 18, 1989.
* The AWA World Heavyweight Championship and the WCCW Heavyweight Championship were unified to create the USWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship at SuperClash III, when the AWA World Heavyweight Champion Jerry "The King" Lawler defeated the WCCW Heavyweight Champion Kerry Von Erich. The WCCW World Heavyweight Title was quickly abandoned and later the AWA stripped the AWA World Heavyweight Title from Jerry Lawler.
* The J-Crown, a combination of several lightweight championships from various wrestling promotions (including the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship) which was defended mostly in Japan and Mexico. The title has since been abandoned and all belts returned to their home promotions.
* The WCW International World Heavyweight Championship was unified with the WCW World Heavyweight Championship when WCW Champion Ric Flair defeated International Champion Sting at Clash of the Champions XXVII. The International Championship was immediately abandoned (Though the physical belt was used as the WCW Championship).
* The ECW World Heavyweight Championship and the ECW World Television Championship were unified when TV Champion Rhino defeated World Champion The Sandman at ECW Guilty as Charged in January 2001. Both championships were abandoned upon ECW's demise soon after.
* The WCW United States Championship was unified with the WWF Intercontinental Championship at Survivor Series 2001 when US Champion Edge defeated IC Champion Test. The United States title was abandoned, then revived in 2003 by Stephanie McMahon as a SmackDown!-exclusive title.
* The WCW Tag Team Championship was briefly unified with the WWF Tag Team Championship at Summerslam 2001, when the Undertaker and Kane, the WCW Tag Team Champions, defeated WWF Tag Team Champions Diamond Dallas Page and Kanyon. The titles were re-split when the Dudley Boyz defeated the Undertaker and Kane for only the WWF titles, not the WCW titles, a month later. The titles were reunified for the final time at Survivor Series 2001, when the Dudleys, then the reigning WCW Tag Team Champions, defeated the then-WWF champions, the Hardy Boyz. The Dudleys won the WWF Tag Team Championships and their WCW Tag Team Championship was absorbed into the WWF titles and abandoned.
* The WWF Light Heavyweight Championship was briefly unified with the WCW Cruiserweight Championship when WWF Light Heavyweight Championship X-Pac defeated Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman. He later lost the Cruiserweight title to Kidman, but kept the Light Heavyweight title (which was abandoned following his departure from the company). The WCW Cruiserweight Championship later became the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.
* The WCW Championship and the WWF Championship were unified to create the WWF Undisputed Championship at Vengeance 2001. After the brand extension, which split the WWF roster into two brands (RAW and SmackDown!), the Undisputed title served as the prime championship for both groups. The title became "disputed" when champion Brock Lesnar announced he would only defend the belt on SmackDown! The following week, RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff announced the creation of the World Heavyweight Championship.
* The WWE European Championship was unified with the WWE Intercontinental Championship in July 2002, when IC Champion Rob Van Dam defeated European Champion Jeff Hardy on RAW in a title unification match. The European title was abandoned as a separate championship.
* The WWE Hardcore Championship was unified with the WWE Intercontinental Championship in August 2002, when Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam pinned Hardcore Champion Tommy Dreamer. The Hardcore Championship was abandoned soon after.
* The WWE Intercontinental Championship was unified with the World Heavyweight Championship at WWE No Mercy 2002 when World Champion Triple H defeated IC Champion Kane. The Intercontinental Championship was immediately abandoned, then revived in May 2003 by RAW Co-General Manager Steve Austin.
* The WWA World Heavyweight Championship was unified with the NWA World Heavyweight Championship when NWA Champion Jeff Jarrett defeated WWA Champion Sting on May 25, 2003 in Auckland, New Zealand in an inter-promotional match.
* The Ring of Honor World Championship was unified with ROH Pure Championship when ROH Pure Champion Nigel McGuinness lost to ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson in Liverpool, England on August 12, 2006 in a match contested under pure wrestling rules with the stipulation that both championships could be lost by disqualification or count out.
* The WWF Intercontinental Championship was unified with the WWF Championship when The Ultimate Warrior defeated Hulk Hogan for the WWF Championship at WrestleMania VI on April 1 1990 in a "Title for Title" match. Despite retaining the Intercontinental Championship and winning two championships, The Ultimate Warrior was not declared as an Undisputed Champion nor was there any mentioning of a Championship unification in the match (The Ultimate Warrior was however, unofficially named "The Ultimate Champion"- a pun on his name). Because of the Ultimate Warrior's status as the WWE Champion, he was stripped off the Intercontinental Championship and the title was declared vacant, only to be won by Mr Perfect through a tournament.
What does it mean "World Heavyweight Championship?"   
02:17pm 18/05/2007
  World heavyweight championship

The World Heavyweight Championship is the name given to a number of unrelated titles, meant to emphasize the top championship of boxing, professional wrestling, mixed martial arts, or other similar sports and performance arts.

Professional wrestling

Although numerous titles in many different promotions have used the term "World Heavyweight Championship", it is almost exclusively used as a moniker for the title that is under competition between the main event wrestlers. Despite the name, the territorial nature of early professional wrestling meant that few promotions could actually claim the "World" part of the title, in the sense that the title could potentially be defended against any challenger anywhere in the world. Thus, few belts are considered to be "world championship" belts.

The presence of a title considered to be a World Heavyweight Championship is one of the factors that makes its promotion one of the major promotions in professional wrestling. However, it is to be noted that numerous major promotions have top championships that are not considered world (nor heavyweight) championships, and the presence of a world championship in a promotion's shows does not instantly make a promotion a major one, as a World Heavyweight Championship may be shared between several promotions.

Most of the recognized World Heavyweight Championships today are derived from the version held by Georg Hackenschmidt in 1905 and Frank Gotch in 1908. In particular, many of the titles considered major today have some connection to the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, created in 1948. In particular, all three of North America's largest promotions in the 1990s (WWF, WCW, and ECW) had top belts that were spun off from the NWA lineage.

Nomenclature of World Heavyweight Championships

The term "World Heavyweight Championship" can apply to any major belt in general, or to a specific belt in particular. This often creates confusion, as is the case of Ric Flair, who is billed as a 16-time World Heavyweight Champion but does not have 16 reigns of any single world championship title.

The name of the promotion is often prepended to the phrase "World Heavyweight Championship" as the championship's complete name (as in the WWE World Heavyweight, WCW World Heavyweight, or ECW World Heavyweight Championships) - however some are correctly known simply as the "World Heavyweight Championship" without qualification, possibly because they are competed for in promotions where an existing World Heavyweight Championship is present (as was the case of the American Wrestling Association in the 1960s and 1970s and World Wrestling Entertainment today). The NWA Championship is often quoted as the "World's Heavyweight Wrestling Championship", and the physical title belt itself carries this moniker.

List of World Heavyweight Championships

Numerous promotions have claimed their top championship belts as "World Heavyweight Championships" but are not considered to be world titles. Unfortunately, due to no official universally accepted method of determining what constitutes a world title, there is no way to determine who truly has world title status. The most commonly agreed upon "World Heavyweight Championships" are those recognized by Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine

Meanwhile, other belts have recognition as a "world championship" despite not being a "World Heavyweight Championship". These other world titles often include various other classifications, including weight classes (e.g., World Cruiserweight Championship) or stipulations (e.g., World Television Championship).

Often, subordinate belts to world titles are designated as national, international, or regional titles. Examples of this include the WWE Intercontinental Championship (an international title subordinate to the WWE Championship), the NWA North American Heavyweight Championship (a regional title subordinate to the NWA World Heavyweight Championship), and the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship (a national title subordinate to the WCW World Heavyweight Championship).

Active World Heavyweight Championships

There are currently eight titles that are recognized as World Heavyweight Championships (according to Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine. These are championships that have been internationally defended.) These titles are:

* AJPW Triple Crown Championship - created in 1989 by the unification of the NWA International Heavyweight Championship, the NWA United National Championship, and the PWF Heavyweight Championship (which until that time was the top championship in All Japan Pro Wrestling).
* AWA World Heavyweight Championship - the top championship of what many consider to be the leading promotion of the 1960s. The title was defunct from 1991-1996, now is being defended under promotion, Pro Wrestling Zero1-MAX.
* ECW World Championship - spun off from the NWA belt when Shane Douglas, after being crowned the NWA champion, rejected the NWA title in favor of ECW's own title. The title earned world title status in August 1999, titles won before are considered world title reigns. It was defunct from 2001-2006, but was recently revived by WWE for their ECW brand.
* IWGP World Heavyweight Championship - the top championship recognized by New Japan Pro Wrestling since 1987.
* NWA World Heavyweight Championship - claims lineage of Hackenschmidt's 1905 and Gotch's 1908 version, defended in multiple territories and promotions since 1948, currently being used in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Although it was stripped of its World Title status by PWI in the 1990s, with the recent success of TNA, PWI restored its World Title status officially in its August 2006 issue.
* ROH World Championship - Established in 2002 with the development of the new promotion, the title earned World Status in 2003 when it was defended in the United Kingdom by then-champion Samoa Joe.
* WWE Championship - originally titled the World Wide Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Championship, the belt was spun off from the NWA in 1963 when WWWF left the National Wrestling Alliance. The WWWF rejoined the NWA in 1971, and until 1983, the WWWF (later WWF) title was demoted to regional status. In subsequent years, all holders of the title during that time period have been recognized as having held a world championship. This title was temporarily known as the WWE Undisputed Championship when it was merged with the WCW World Heavyweight Championship and is now known simply as the WWE Championship (without "World Heavyweight" in its title) once Eric Bischoff activated the World Heavyweight Championship. It is currently defended on WWE's RAW brand.
* World Heavyweight Championship - spun off from the WWE Undisputed Championship, with disputed claim to the WCW World Heavyweight Championship lineage. This title was made for the WWE's RAW brand when the WWE Championship was made exclusive to their SmackDown! brand, but has since switched to SmackDown! during the 2005 Draft Lottery.

Defunct/Discontinued World Heavyweight Titles

* WCW World Heavyweight Championship - NWA World heavyweight champion Ric Flair was recognized as the first WCW World heavyweight champion in January 1991, when WCW was in the process of separating from the NWA. Flair held both titles briefly before leaving WCW over a creative dispute in July of that year. The title was unified with the WWE Championship in 2001.
* WCW International World Heavyweight Championship - After withdrawing from the NWA, WCW changed the name of the NWA World heavyweight title to the WCW International World heavyweight title, declaring it to be the World heavyweight title of WCW International, one of its (fictitious) subsidiaries. It was awarded to NWA World heavyweight champion Rick Rude after WCW severed all ties with the NWA; then unified with the WCW World heavyweight title in 1994.
* WWA World Heavyweight Championship - The WWA World heavyweight title was the premiere title for World Wrestling All-Stars, a short-lived company that thrived in world title status due to the fact it was defended outside of its country of origin more than in it. It was then unified with the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in 2003.

Other World Titles not recognized by PWI

Other titles claiming the name, but are not recognised by PWI include:

* 1PW World Heavyweight Championship – The top championship on the British promotion 1 Pro Wrestling. Claimed its status as a World Heavyweight title after it was defended in the United States. Was retired due to 1PW's original liquidation, but re-activated upon the return of the promotion, three months later.
* CZW World Heavyweight Championship – Combat Zone Wrestling's top title. Claims its status as a World Heavyweight title after it was defended in Japan, Germany, England, Mexico, Ireland and Italy - as well as America. The championship changed hands in all of those countries except Japan.
* GHC Heavyweight Championship – Japanese promotion Pro Wrestling NOAH's main championship, claims its status after it was defended at an ROH event in the United States.
* NWA World Heavyweight Championship – Recognized by the National Wrestling Association from 1929 to 1949. It was unified with the National Wrestling Alliance's World title.
* Omaha World Heavyweight Championship – Recognized by promoters in Omaha, Nebraska in the late 1950s and early 1960s, following a dispute regarding the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. The Omaha version of the World Heavyweight Championship was unified with the AWA World Heavyweight Championship on September 7, 1963.
* PWG World Championship – The top championship in the Southern California promotion Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. Claims its status as a World Heavyweight title after it was defended in Kent, England and Essen, Germany on the European Vacation tour of 2006.
* wXw World Heavyweight Championship – The top championship in the German promotion westside Xtreme wrestling. Claims its status as a World Heavyweight title after it was defended in the United States, Austria and various other European countries, the title changing hands in matches in the United States and Austria.
* XPW World Heavyweight Championship – Was never an official world title, yet called one, and had world on the physical title.
Comcast OK to move NFL Network. NFL to lose millions   
10:47pm 10/05/2007
  NEW YORK (AP) -- Comcast Cable Communications, the nation's largest cable television operator, can distribute the NFL Network as niche programming instead of as part of a bigger digital package with many more viewers, a judge has ruled, potentially costing the league millions of dollars a month in revenue.

The NFL owns the network, which shows professional football games. The NFL sued in October 2006 after Comcast notified the league that it had decided to put the network on a sports tier with about 750,000 viewers, moving it from a digital tier with more than 7 million viewers.

A tier carries a specific type of programming and is available to customers at an additional price over the cost of basic programming.

The NFL opposed the switch because under an agreement between the two companies Comcast had to pay the league 55 cents per subscriber each month. With the loss of viewers, the NFL would earn significantly less money.

Comcast said it made the move because it didn't want to charge customers the extra money for the NFL programming they might not want in the digital tier.

"We bargained explicitly for the right to place the NFL Network on a sports tier because it is the best and fairest solution for all our customers," David L. Cohen, executive vice president of Comcast Corp., said in a statement Thursday. "This decision means that our customers who are NFL fans will be able to watch the NFL Network without burdening those who are not NFL fans with extra costs."

It was unclear if the NFL Network would appeal Manhattan state Supreme Court Justice Bernard J. Fried's May 4 ruling. A telephone message left with the network's lawyer was not immediately returned Thursday.

Comcast said it intends to move the NFL Network to a sports tier for the 2007 season, allowing customers who subscribe to view eight additional live out-of-market NFL games.

Copyright 2007 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
Fairweathers, 2-Faced People, selfish, and self centered   
08:36pm 10/05/2007
  After an attempted conversation with someone the other day I started to realize that alot of people that you think you know or know from everyday conversation you really dont know. One minute they are someone you talk to about everyday, or possibly they are someone you consider close, the next thing you know. The talk badly about you. Hell they could be someone that you get along with quite well and they next thing you know. they dont talk to you, they block you, or they talk badly about you

So it leaves you to think. Why do theses people pretend to be a friend to you. I have people that I dont like and I make it a point to let them know I dont like them

So yeah I thought I would say something about that. Its sad sometimes that when people think other things or get a swelled head by talking badly about someone or even thinking that it goes unnoticed that things are said or done.

So if ya got a problem be a Man (or woman) speak up. you dont like something. Say it. dont act friendly and talk shit. Buck up. Or just keep whispering in the back where they cant hear ya. It comes back to bite ya.

So instead of dealing with people like that. Dont talk to em. Delete em. Tell em that you dont wish to talk to them. Dont be a lil' bitch and pretend the opposite.

If you dont have any intention of talking to em, dont let them get the impression you do. Dont add em, email em, add them to your messenger. Do the decent thing and actually say something. Be a freaking human being and let them know how you feel instead of acting like your too good to even say anything.

Thats all I got to say on that one....
An update to the fight with F.Y.E.   
02:09pm 19/04/2007
  Ok so the regional sales manager calls me today to talk in regards to the situation. Well after explaining my story to him and what went on with this he contacted the manger of the FYE, Jeff James.

After talking with him it came down to a He said He said situation. Now Jeff claims that after I left the store after talking to him about this situation (which he probally left out of the talk with the Manager) he stated that he found the rapper for the cd that was in that area that I was in, convinent. Funny how whenever I was there he did not bother to even look around the store at the time to see if this was true but after leaving of course he finds it.

So the situation was not resolved and I was advised to wait awhile to see if it can be resolved at a later date.

I think this is something that should be persued at a greater level.

What do you think?
The issue with Jeff James, Dipshit mgr. of FYE and the solution.   
06:10pm 18/04/2007
  I went to FYE's website to write about an issue I have, since their phone lines are bullshit to try and get through to a real person. Here is that conversation

Name : Len Deffinbaugh
Store : FYE
Order #:
Reason : I dont have an account and it doesnt seem like it is easy to actually contact someone here. I have an issue with the Manager at the LaVale, MD location of F.Y.E.

There has been an issue with this manager, Jeff James, for some time. I was in the store at least 4 weeks ago on a Wednesday. While I was there I was searching for a DVD that was listed on the inside of my CD case that I had with me. While I was standing in the DVD isle I was approached and asked what I had in my hand. I stated I had my cd that inside was a DVD listed that I was looking for. Instead of trying to assist me with my issue the cd was taken out of my hands without permission and looked at. Then I was asked did you just open this? I stated "no I have had this cd for a few years now" well long story short I was told that I was banned from the store until I brought in a receipt. Now they did not check to see if they were missing anything in inventory nor did they even go to the cd section of the store to look for anything whatsoever. I was accused right on the spot of stealing a cd that I owned, then asked why did I bring a cd in the store (thats like wearing tennis shoes into a shoe store). This is the second time this man accused me of something in 3 years without any proof or reasoning. I was carrying a cd i was going to buy with me thru the store another time and had a sandwich bag in the same hand. The man comes over to me and grabs the bag out of my hand and stated "WHAT did this just happen to fall off the cd!!!" I replied "ummm thats a sandwich bag". NO appoligy, nothing. He simply walked away...

Before Gary Cramer, the former manager and a good friend of mine left the store I had no issues with this until then. I see no reason for this type of behavior and I would like this issue to be resolved. Not only did he make me look bad but he berated me in front of workers that I Have known since they started there. I have been shopping at this location since 1988 and I have never dealt with such disdain for customers...

To change information associated with your account, such as email address, billing and shipping information and credit card, please return to our store and log into your account. Under the 'Account Set Up' section, you can make changes to this information.

If we can be of further assistance, please reply to this email or reach us via the Customer Assistance Inquiry form on our store.

Sincerely, Customer Support

*** This message has been auto-generated. No additional action will be taken. To avoid receiving another auto-response, please reply to this email and we will route your email to the best customer service consultant to assist you. ***


Actually Read My Email


Apologies for this treatment.

This email has been forwarded to the corporate office.

I'll be talking to you soon Jeff
CPW BIRTHDAY BASH X Results from Romney, WV   
08:26pm 16/04/2007

April 14th, 2007

Romney Middle School - 110 School Street
Romney, West Virginia - 7:30 PM Bell Time

Tickets: $10 Front Row, $8 Ringside, $6 General Admission
Sponsored by the Romney Fire Department

Now all that was offered when I got there was 10 dollar Tickets, and I didnt have front row WTF!!

"Beautiful" Bobby Eaton vs. "Doctor" Tom Prichard

This wasn't even at the end of the show it was at the beginning, which I understand is good for them to get home since Bobby lives in Charlotte. But it sucks that I missed it thinking that it was going to be towards the end. Well it was good to see Bobby again and him remember me from when I lived not to far from him in Charlotte. So this was a great time for me to talk with him again

Leslie Leatherman (champion) vs. Jake "The Machine" Davis (challenger)

I thought that this was a very well played match. Where Leslie dominated the entire match and really put a pounding to Jake. Granted the finish I did not expect but hey it was something that was shocking and got a big pop.

"Sensational" Silver Shadow vs. "The Kingpin" Gino Sammartino

Another match that I was looking forward to seeing and was at the beginning of the card so I missed it. Now that Gino has lost and has to leave for a year they are losing one of their best talkers on the mic.

Sin City Syndicate (champions) vs. Damage Incorporated (challengers)

Very good match for a double dog collar match. These matches are very hard to do without someone getting seriously hurt in the process (see Greg Valentine vs. Roddy Piper). But it was good for Damage Inc. to win the belts back. We need more tag teams!!!

"Renegade" Richie Stevens (champion) vs. "The Prince of Pranks" Hyjinx (challenger)

This match I was disappointed in. Not for the fact that it was bad, it was one of the better matches on the card, right behind the Title match (this is talking on match I actually got to watch since I missed Bobby's match). But to have Richie lose the belt in a month I didnt like that too much it would have been nice for him to keep it a  bit and continue this rivalry.

Grudge Match
Switchblade & Bobby Fonta vs. Bill Bain (w/ Miss Ginger) & Mike Ratick

I must say that this was a very decent match for Bill. He has been getting much bigger heat. But for GOD's sake please stop changing your music. Stick to Lacuna Coil.

"Mega Rocker" Bob Keller

Was interesting to see what is going to happen with Griffin attacking Bob if something is going to come out of this.
"Deadhead" Brian Johnson (w/ "Tye Dye Guy" Pat Lawson)

Please stop running Brian into the ground with this character. Please....And can we get rid of Pat for a long time he talks way too much and has been on the shows too often lately

the CPW debut of Brad Thomas
"True Talent" Bobby Shields
and more as CPW celebrates its 10th Anniversary!


Also sorry that we did not get to go out after the show. We had a rough weekend, I'll blog it later on. And we didnt have enough money to be going out and Drinking, not like I didnt want to

This Day in Wrestling History and Records   
07:57pm 11/03/2007
  Paul London & Brian Kendrick are celebrating their 294th day as WWE Tag Team Champions today. They have now tied for fourth ALL TIME in WWE tag team history in longevity with the British Bulldogs( 4/7/86-1/26/87) and Chief Jay Strongbow & Billy White Wolf (12/7/76-9/27/77).

They will pass both those teams and become the 4th longest reigning tag team champions in World Wrestling Entertainment history as of tomorrow. Not bad for a couple of cruiserweights.

Of course, they're the longest reigning Smackdown tag champs in history, but they still have some catching up to do to three World Tag Team Champs: Demolition still has the record at 478 days, Jimmy & Johnny Valiant are second at 370 days, and Toru Tanaka & Mr. Fuji are third at 337 days. And after today, London & Kendrick are #4.
TNA and NWA about to part company?   
05:10pm 07/03/2007
  Bob Trobich, of NWA, and Steve Campbell, of Panda Energy, have been negotiating an agreement to cease their partnership. NWA will be taking their Heavyweight and Tag titles back. This will take place in a storyline at Destination X on PPV this Sunday.

NWA had a number of rules, which TNA did not follow. Such as, when a title change were to take place TNA officials were suppose to notify the NWA board of such changes. TNA also refused to pay a fee when they had an event in another NWA member's territory. These actions are a result of the two parties coming to an agreement and splitting.

It's expected that this Sunday, at Destination X, they will drop the NWA named titles to become TNA titles. How this will all transpire is unknown at this point in time.
For All Those Who thought XM was better. HA!!!   
01:45pm 03/03/2007
  On February 19, 2007, Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio announced a merger that would combine the two radio services and create a single Satellite Radio network in the United States and Canada. The merger would bring both companies a total of 13.624 million subscribers based on both companies' current subscriber numbers. Reportedly, the merger will bring greater choice to consumers, but no specifics have yet been announced regarding many consumer concerns. Pending approval of the deal, each share of XM stock will be replaced with 4.6 shares of Sirius. Each company's stockholders will retain approximately 50% of the joined company. Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin will retain his CEO title in the new company, and XM chairman Gary Parsons will retain his. XM CEO Hugh Panero will retain his position until the merger is complete, expected sometime in late 2007.  
The Ford dealership that keeps on screwing   
06:48pm 21/02/2007

Chenoweth Ford Inc
104 Park Blvd
Clarksburg, WV 26301
(304) 623-6501
This dealership will screw you. Yes I said it will screw you. Not only will they have inspection stickers on their vehicles that are invalid. Give you a vehicle that WILL NOT pass inspection. Give you a vehicle with bad tires, bad rotors, and brakes that are just using the name of brakes but are actually using the rotors to stop. So if you wanna report them please do, if you wanna avoid them, do so. They have gave us problems now we are giving em back.
Update to The Night the Land Rover wrecked and Died   
12:11pm 20/02/2007
  Got the vehicle to the garage to be looked at and got a rental so back to 2 vehicles again. Now when the price for fixing it comes out that will be the bad news  
The Night the Land Rover wrecked and Died   
10:57pm 19/02/2007
  During the snowfall the other night on the way back to Clarksburg, WV we lost our transmission and 360ed into a Snowbank

After 2 Hours of waiting we finally got it pulled out.

Had to get the vehicle towed back to Clarksburg, WV from Garrett County Maryland.

Did not get home till 9 am

If you dont hear or see me that is the reason why.

Luck has been good

Donations and calls can be taken at (304)629-7650
02/17/2007 Not the best day I will remember   
11:01pm 17/02/2007
  Ok now this is going to be a brief update on that day (I didnt write it on that day cause I was stuck in 5 feet of freakin snow for 2 hours while we waited for the State Police, thats in the other blog)

Well after the CPW show, which I got to half way thru (ugh) We were going to go out for a few beers.

Went to get the Land Rover and it was pointed out to me that there is a golf ball sized hole thru the front light. Well we get over to the bar and I sit down and take 3 drinks. The bar tender comes over to let me know I have to move my vehicle because it is in a yellow zone (how can you see that with snow covering it) so I go out side and turn the vehicle around and do a 3 point turn to put it in a parking space (Note there was NO TRAFFIC whatsoever on this road.) After parking and getting out and walking 5 steps towards the bar a car drives by and when I look back there is a local cop with his lights on. I figured he turned em on to let the guy go by since the roads were snowy. Well I was wrong he was pulling over my non-moving vehicle. So I walked back.

Somehow I had a taillight out (which it wasn't) and I made an illegal turn. I didnt have nothing but a student ID on me.

You been drinking?


You smell like beer

I was in a bar, they got that in there

Well he makes me do the light test (im sorry sober or drunk that thing is annoying and who knows if you "pass" or not, he could be an ass)

So he makes me wait, 6 other cop cars pull up, (not at the same time but because they were bored and wanted to see if they could bug me too) Well I was outside of the vehicle for 20 minutes in a tee shirt (14 degrees outside I left my coat in the bar cause I was moving a vehicle which takes 30 secs.) He comes back and asked if my name was the "traditional spelling" (never knew I had a tradition) I said ummm yeah. then I was "allowed" to sit in the Land Rover.

Hurrah! Such wonderful luck

Well 10 minutes more I was allowed to go cause I "checked out"

Everything was fine

Oh thats good

Sorry it took so long my radio wasnt working

You get that out here in the sticks probally dontcha....

Well after that we drove home and well read the other blog it will tell you

The Story and History of the Challenge Coin   
08:46pm 24/01/2007
  A challenge coin is a small coin or medallion (usually military), bearing an organization's insignia or emblem and is carried by the organization's members. They are given to prove membership when challenged and to enhance morale.

Origins of the challenge coin
Like so many other aspects of military tradition, the origins of the challenge coin are a matter of much debate with little supporting evidence. While many organizations and services claim to have been the originators of the challenge coin, the most commonly held view is that the tradition began in the United States Army Air Service (a forerunner of the current United States Air Force).

Air warfare was a new phenomenon during World War I, when the army created flying squadrons and manned them with volunteer pilots from every walk of civilian life. While some of the early pilots came from working class or rural backgrounds, many were wealthy Ivy League students who withdrew from classes in the middle of the year, drawn by the adventure and romance of the new form of warfare.

As the legend goes, one such Ivy Leaguer, a wealthy lieutenant, ordered small, solid-bronze medallions (or coins) struck, which he then presented to the other pilots in his squadron as mementos of their service together. The coin was gold-plated, bore the squadron's insignia, and was quite valuable. One of the pilots in the squadron, who had never owned anything like the coin, placed it in a leather pouch he wore around his neck for safekeeping. A short while later, this pilot's aircraft was heavily damaged by ground fire (other sources claim it was an aerial dogfight), forcing him to land behind enemy lines and allowing him to be captured by the Germans. The Germans confiscated the personal belongings from his pockets, but they didn't catch the leather pouch around his neck. On his way to a permanent prisoner of war facility, he was held overnight in a small German-held French village near the front. During the night, the town was bombarded by the British, creating enough confusion to allow the pilot to escape.

 The pilot avoided German patrols by donning civilian attire, but all of his identification had been confiscated so he had no way to prove his identity. With great difficulty, he sneaked across no-man's land and made contact with a French patrol. Unfortunately for him, the French had been on the lookout for German saboteurs dressed as civilians. The French mistook the American pilot for a German saboteur and immediately prepared to execute him.

Desperate to prove his allegiance and without any identification, the pilot pulled out the coin from his leather pouch and showed it to his French captors. One of the Frenchmen recognized the unit insignia on the coin and delayed the execution long enough to confirm the pilot's identity.

Once the pilot safely returned to his squadron, it became a tradition for all members to carry their coin at all times. To ensure compliance, the pilots would challenge each other to produce the coin. If the challenged couldn't produce the coin, he was required to buy a drink of choice for the challenger; if the challenged could produce the coin, the challenger would purchase the drink.

This tradition spread to other flying squadrons and, eventually, to other military units in all branches of service and even to non military organizations. Today, challenge coins are given to members upon joining an organization, as an award to improve morale, and sold to commemorate special occasions or as fundraisers.

President Bill Clinton displayed several racks of challenge coins, which had been given to him by U.S. servicemembers, on the credenza behind his Oval Office desk. The challenge coins appear in the background of his official portrait, now hanging in the White House.

The coin check

The tradition of a coin check is the most common way to ensure that members are properly carrying their coin. The coin check, which can be held at any time, begins with the challenger drawing his/her coin, holding it in the air, loudly announcing "coin check" and/or dropping the coin on the table or bar. (Should the coin be accidentally dropped, a coin check is still initiated.) Everyone being challenged must immediately produce the coin for their organization and anyone failing to do so must buy a round of drinks for the challenger and everyone else who has their challenge coin. However, should everyone challenged be able to produce their coin, the challenger must buy a round of drinks for the group.

The individual Coin Challenge is similar to the coin check. It is initiated by one individual to another at unit functions. Because unit coins are periodically updated and sold as a fundraiser, the most current unit coin is considered the senior coin for these challenges (coins that are purchased are considered "collectors's coins" as opposed to challenge coins). The challenger presents his/her coin to the challenged. If the challenged individual fails to produce their coin, they buy the challenger a drink. If the challenged individual produces their coin, and it is a previous edition of the unit coin, they buy the challenger a drink. If the challenged individual produces their coin, and it is the current edition of the unit coin, the challenger buy the challenged a drink.

Another traditional use of the unit coin as used by members of the 82nd Airborne Infantry. The unit coin or personal coin of a high ranking individual is awarded to service members who performed meritoriously. Since members of this elite service group tend to be a little from the rough and danger-loving side, they from time to time, would bend a rule or cross the line and get into trouble. Paratroopers would use the coin to buy their way out of the minor infraction or dilemma.

Another version of Challenge Coin is to see who among the challenged has the highest ranking insignia. All others have to buy them a drink.
The State bothering me   
11:03am 19/01/2007
  So today at 8:30 am I was driving to school. I got pulled over by state police, and I actually wasn't speeding. The reason was my license plate cover was tinted and he says that it is against state law, he questioned my window tint and my military id too.

Well I got a warning but I found it odd to be pulled over for that